What is Label Obscura?

Label Obscura is a website and label created with the goal of shining a light on some of our favorite labels, bands, and albums from the past and present. Our label is focused on releasing great Canadian indie rock that never got a vinyl release or is currently out of print. We pride ourselves on giving our releases the attention and care they deserve while also introducing these sounds to a new generation of listeners and bringing smiles of delight to old fans. Our website features news, reviews, features, interviews, thoughts and ruminations on music we love in general…generally with a Canadian bias, but we’re non-discriminating lovers over here!

Who are you guys?

We’re a small bunch of friends who love music and want to share that love with others. Tim Lidster is the founder and handles most of the label side of things as well as contributing here and there with writing.   Sean Palmerston is the editor-in-chief and main writer. Adam Price, Chris Logan, and Arianne Young and Mike Bell are all contributors.


I’d like to get involved and contribute to the site. How do I go about that?
We’re always looking for contributors from across the country and around the world who share our passion for music and records. If you want to contribute, send an email to labelobscura@gmail.com or send a message via our contact page and let us know about yourself, samples of your work and how you’d like to contribute and we’ll get back to you.

I’m a label/band/publicist/other and I have a band/album/tour/other I’d like you to review/interview/feature/other. Who do I contact in order to do?
Send all music, press releases and interview requests to labelobscura@gmail.com and we’ll take it from there!

I have a hot news item that needs coverage quick- what do I do?
First calm down. Then send Tim an email and he’ll get it up on our news feed in do time.

I’d like to advertise on your site – do you accept and advertising and how can we set it up?
Yes we do and Tim would be the one to contact. Send Tim an email and he’ll send over our rate sheet and options.

I’m a store and I want to carry your releases- how do I get my hands on them?
Right now, our releases are only available directly through us- we’re working on getting distribution, but for now, send Tim an email and he’ll set you up.

I’m a fan and I’d like to buy your albums- where can I get them?
The easiest place is from our bandcamp site. Our releases are also available in select stores across the country- if your favorite store doesn’t have it, tell them to get in touch with us and we’ll make you very happy if they do…just tell them to mention your name. If all of this sounds too confusion, just send us a message, letter or telegram via carrier pigeon and we’ll sort you out. Check out our contact page for info.

Some of our releases are also available at Zunior (www.zunior.com)

I’m a distro and I’d like to carry your stuff; is this possible?
Of course it is! Please get in touch with Tim and we can work something out.

I’m in a band and we released an album- are you interested?
Maybe. But probably not. But we’re not jerks, so we’ll give it a listen. Send us a physical copy or email us at labelobscura@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you if we are interested.

I’m a writer and I’d like to review/interview you or your bands. How do I make it happen?
Like most of these questions, shoot Tim an email and he’ll set it up.

Where’s my record?
It’s probably on it’s way. Or you pre-ordered it and we’re still waiting on it as well. Sorry, but that’s life sometimes.

My order didn’t arrive or was broken- can you help?
Of course we can. Please send a photo of the shipment and we’ll do our best to make it right.

The download code doesn’t work; what’s going on?
First things first, are you sure you typed it in correctly? There’s lots of numbers and letters in there and you might have made a mistake. If not, please get in touch and we’ll send you a new one.

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