Canadian electronic/synth-pop band Chances drops new song

June 7, 2017 in news

Montréal, Québec-based electronic/synth-pop band Chances formed just last year, but the trio now seems like a sure thing with two radiant songs to its name.

In late 2016, singer-songwriters and pianists Chloé Lacasse and Geneviève Toupin and drummer Vincent Carré took the risk of creating music together.  They started by sketching out a few songs and found the songwriting process worked out well between the three of them.

Their collaboration sparked debut tune “Shine”, which was released this past February.  “Shine” is a glowing mix of Western electronic pop and Indian Raga, and even includes some lyrics in Ojibwe (language of Ojibwe or Chippewa Indians native to areas like Ontario).

Now the act has unveiled the expansive “Leave The Light On” which also gives off an incandescent aura.  Uplifting vocal harmonies weave in and out of a vast canvas of buzzing synths, rapid piano notes, sharply clacking percussion, gently ebullient electronic fizz, occasional French lyrics (a nod to the band members’ roots), thumped drums, and scintillating cymbals crashes.

Between the world music influences of “Shine” and the wide open spaces of “Leave The Light On”, Chances’ bright musical future is a safe bet.

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