Canadian indie rock/electro-pop band HotKid drops radiant sonic romp

April 14, 2017 in news

Toronto, Canada-based indie rock/electro-pop act HotKid has expanded from the duo of Shiloh Harrison (vocals, guitar) and Robbie Butcher (drums) to a trio with the inclusion of Peter McIntosh on bass.  HotKid worked with producer Adam King (Lowell, Mad Ones) on its upcoming album, Late Night Mornings, which arrives on May 5th.

The line-up shake-up created an atmosphere of freedom where the band members felt they could experiment more with their songwriting and production.  They incorporated some self-recorded elements into the studio mix, giving some songs a more immediate feel.

Up-tempo and catchy indie rock/pop lead single “Caught In The Light” romps along with a pumped up, bouncing bassline, kinetically jumpy drums, bright distorted guitar chug, and Harrison’s sweet, buzzy exclamations.  Backing cooing harmonies lift the tune even further up into the alternative pop stratosphere.

The band comments on the song, explaining that it’s, “…about that feeling of escape you get from watching your favorite old movie, or when you’re up front at a concert. It’s about that longing to be taken outside of yourself; out of the everyday.”

Tour Dates:

4/27 – Ottawa at House of Targ *

4/28 – Quebec City at Le Bal du Lezard *

4/29 – Montreal at L’Escogriffe *

5/5 – London at Rumrunners

5/12 – Hamilton at This Ain’t Hollywood

5/13 – Guelph at DSTRCT

5/13 – Torongo at The Baby G

5/27 – Waterloo at Starlight

* with Miesha and the Spanks

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