Canadian singer-songwriter Munroe spins into “Oblivion”

May 31, 2017 in news

Hamilton, Ontario native and singer-songwriter Kathleen Munroe records under the moniker Munroe and now splits her time between Toronto and Los Angeles, working as a musician and fledgling actress.

Like her restless travels, Munroe has also been exploring new ground musically.  She’s set to release her debut album, Oblivion, on June 16th.  On the 8-track LP she delves into a blossoming, cinematic sound that branches off from her previous self-titled EP.

The artist is influenced by spaghetti westerns and ’60 film scores and she has an affinity towards confessional vocalists like Vashti Bunyan and Angel Olsen.

Munroe recently released the haunting title track “Oblivion”, which she co-produced with Michael Keire.  She collaborated with Keire, as well as Benjamin Munoz and Anthony Carone (Arkells) on the record.  The melancholic single is a gently poignant piece that revels in aching, but subtle symphonic strings and Munroe’s crestfallen and revealing vocals.

The subject matter, however, is thematically bleak, with Munroe explaining, I think there’s something interesting about … the way we get compelled to do things that are identifiably bad. I had this idea of someone pleading a case for their own damnation, listing all the bad things they’d done, bargaining with a void, and the image of that conversation is what I was playing with here.”




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By Jen Dan

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