Track These Down – Eiyn Sof and Fiver

Eiyn Sof – Meadow Thrum (Arachnidiscs Recordings) Eiyn Sof is the softly spellbinding acid-folk project of Ontario’s Melissa Boraski. She may be best known for her 2011 album Bloodstreams, released on Brian Taylor and Rick White’s Blue Fog Recordings, but has continued to quietly slip out releases on her own Springskull label and UR Audio Visual. Boraski’s latest effort for…   


Track These Down – Post Death Soundtrack

Post Death Soundtrack – Let Your Colors Run – The Remixes Canadian experimental industrial/metal/electronic trio Post Death Soundtrack has carved out a niche for itself by creating a hybrid sound that’s heavy and exploratory and also engages the brain as well as the ears. Steve Moore, Kenneth Buck, and Jon Ireson combine their minds, talents, and veteran musical status as…   


The Story Behind Every Plumtree LP

When Amanda Braden (now Bidnall), Lynette Gillis, Nina Martin, and Carla Gillis formed Plumtree in 1993, they were teenagers living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Braden and Martin had taken lessons together on electric and bass guitar respectively when they were around 15 years old and decided they needed to form a band within about three months of learning how to…   


Track These Down – The Fall and Throbbing Gristle

The Fall – Hex Enduction Hour Superior Viaduct continues to roll on through their re-issue campaign of everyone’s favorite pissed-up, post-punk, poster-children… The Fall. The latest full length to once again be available is 1982’s Hex Enduction Hour. Mark E. Smith and company’s fourth studio effort, was although sonically prettier than previous efforts, still retained the groups trademark snarl. Never…   


Get To Know Your Local Label : You’ve Changed Records

Let’s start with the very basic – what inspired you to start the label? Riding in the van with Attack In Black after the 3rd Sappyfest there was a certain amount of discussion about how to get the amount of music they were making out into the world, music that didn’t fit into marketing plans, or regular, slow, release schedules….   


Diggers Delight: Stained Class Records, Toronto ON

Earlier this month Toronto’s new all heavy metal record store officially opened its doors. Stained Class Records, named after the classic 1978 Judas Priest album, had a soft open just before Christmas, but their official grand opening happened February 17th. The store, located in the rear of Parkdale Platters at 1614 Queen Street West, is almost right at the end…   


Track These Down – The Creation and Wake Up You! The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock: 1972-1977

The Creation – Action Painting Not unlike many people I’ve talked to about how they first came across The Creation’s psych-infused, guitar bowing, blown out rock and roll, it was Wes Anderson’s inclusion of the song “Making Time” in the opening montage of his cult hit film “Rushmore” that hooked me. Then being a fan of the 90’s wave of…   

Daytura Daydream - Photo Credit: Zinnia Naqvi

Interview with Datura Daydream

Datura Daydream – Photo Credit: Zinnia Naqvi Hello Kevin!  So from what I hear, you’ve just been, or maybe still are, traveling through Asia.  Where are you at the time of this interview and did/does your travel itinerary have anything to do with your art rock/post-rock band Datura Daydream? Hello Jen! Still in Seoul and heading to Thailand soon… All…   


Track These Down – Suburban Lawns and Saron Signs to Cherry Red: Independent Women 1979-1985

Various Artists – Sharon Signs to Cherry Red: Independent Women 1979-1985  Cherry Red’s nod to the women, who in punk’s initial wake rode the swells with guitars in hand, ready to jangle their way to the front. Named after The Kamikaze Pilot’s song that tells the story of a young girl trying her hardest to get signed to Cherry Red, Sharon…   


Dance the Mutation: A History of Hamilton Music

In a steel city visited by The Velvet Underground in 1966—joined by the strobe lights, whips, and tinfoil-wrapped dancers of Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable—that also produced the “psychotronic” children’s show The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, it should be clear than anything can happen. x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_qeeJ2F9nY Ask any local historian and they’ll tell you that Hamilton’s musical lineage begins with…   

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