Plumtree- Mass Teen Fainting

Plumtree- Mass Teen Fainting

Mass Teen Fainting, Plumtree’s endearing, youthful debut was recorded  in Ottawa with Paul Hogan (a.k.a. Rod Glue) in 1995 with no budget, in between tour dates that summer. It was a hot one and the band and their road manager, Dusty Sorbet, stayed in Hogan’s unventilated attic, barely able to sleep, and almost entirely subsisting on a diet of $2…   


Plumtree – Plumtree Predicts The Future

First of all, this 1997 record is not called Predicts the Future; it’s called Plumtree Predicts the Future. This Halifax band saw things coming. That said, could Plumtree really have foreseen a time when a character they conjured via a mangled, misheard name would inspire a best-selling comic book figure and a major Hollywood film? Maybe. Plumtree’s second album, Predicts…   

Plumtree - This Day Won't Last At All

Plumtree – This Day Won’t Last At All

It’s always bittersweet when a band goes out on top. It means that a group of people got to some rare, magical place, connecting together like they never had before, but that even that wasn’t enough to sustain them to continue to make music the world could really use right now. Such was the case for Plumtree. In 2000, the…   

Chore - The Coastaline Fire

Chore – The Coastaline Fire LP

Natives of Dunnville ON but finding their spiritual home and building their primary fan base in Hamilton, Chore occupied the heavier side of Canadian indie rock in the late 90s/early 00s. The group mixed the power of Helmet, the intelligence of Fugazi with the majesty of Sunny Day Real Estate to create an eccentric sound of their own. After releasing two…   

The Inbreds - It's Sydney Or The Bush

The Inbreds – It’s Sydney Or The Bush

After the exuberant reception to Kombinator, Mike O’Neill and Dave Ullrich left Ontario to move to Halifax, signed a major label deal with TAG/Atlantic and set out to make a pop record that would take them out of the indie confines of Canada and into the world. Unfortunately, their label fold shortly afterward and things wouldn’t turn out that way,…   


The Inbreds- Winning Hearts

The fourth and final album from this Kingston, Ontario band, it contains the classic songs “Attitude”, and “Never Be”. Winning Hearts topped the national Canadian college charts for two months straight..and Dave Grohl said this was his favourite Inbreds release! This release was mastered specifically for vinyl release at Toronto’s Lacquer Channel and pressed on heavyweight vinyl with deluxe packaging and new…   


The Inbreds – Kombinator

The first proper studio album from beloved drum and bass duo The Inbreds, this is the album that took them from Kingston to the national stage. ‘Kombinator’ became an indie fave across the country and reached number one on the Canadian national university charts while also being nominated for a Juno Award in 1996 for Best Alternative Album and a…   


Manon Meurt- Manon Meurt

We are very proud to be releasing on vinyl the debut EP by Czech Republic post rock/shoegaze quartet MANON MUERT, making it available in North America for the first time. Originally self-released by the band in their native country on vinyl in the autumn of 2014, this self-titled, six-song twelve-inch record sold out shortly after its initial release and has been much sought after…   

Burdocks 'Airplane Tracks'

The Burdocks – Airplane tracks

Originally released on Out Of Touch Records in 2004, this 7 song EP really refines the self-described ‘scrappy rock’ sound of the Burdocks hinted at on their debut album ‘I Have  A Million Friends’.  Bursting out of the gate with the infectious ‘Pop Cult’, each of these tunes has more guitar attacks, bass lines, and tempo changes than most entire…   

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