A Canadian Classic: UJ3RK5 – s/t

UJ3RK5 (pronounced “You Jerk”) was another short-lived Vancouver punk band, although one that was quite different from last month’s entry, Slow. UJ3RK5 came from the art world, approaching punk in a much different way. The members of the band, many of which were already in their thirties and established as visual artists, radio personalities, and professors before the band was…   


A Canadian Classic: Slow’s Against The Glass

Slow was a short lived band from Vancouver BC. Somewhere between seventies barroom boogie, punk and high octane rock n roll, the group was around long enough to release one two-song seven inch single and this absolute stunner of an EP. Six songs, around ten minutes each side, but this is frantic, exciting rock that unfortunately seems now to only…   


The Sadies – Northern Passages

How good is the new Sadies album? Well, it’s pretty damn good. In fact, all of their albums are pretty damn good but this new one – which just happens to be their tenth studio album – is arguably their best yet. Starting off with the beautifully psychedelic “Riverview Fog”, a love letter written to their sometime collaborator/pal Rick White…   

Twin Rains - Automatic Hand

Twin Rains – Automatic Hand

Vancouver, BC-residing electronic/dream-pop duo Twin Rains just signed a publishing deal with the esteemed Rough Trade, is currently on tour, and is dropping its spellbinding debut album, Automatic Hand, on November 18th via Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers/streaming services. Christine Stoesser (vocals, keyboards) and Jay Merrow (guitar) originally met in Toronto in 2009 and were founding members of…   

Chocolat - Rencontre Looloo

Chocolat – Recontrer Looloo

Recontrer Looloo from Montréal, Québec-located band Chocolat is one retro-vibed, far-out trip, man, that mixes in, at various times, jazz, glam, progressive, and psychedelia into its garage rock base.  The album dropped November 11th via Dare To Care Records in Canada, Teenage Menopause Records in France and Belgium, and Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records in the rest of the universe….   


L Con – Moon Milk

Toronto-based Lisa Conway has been creating music for over a decade, at first as a singer and co-songwriter in the pop noir act Del Bel, then as part of the short-lived music project The Owle Bird, and now as the center of the L CON universe.  Conway released L CON’s debut album The Ballad Project in October 2012 to rave…   

Diamond Mind - Heavy Metal Sunshine

Diamond Mind – Heavy Metal Sunshine

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada’s latest treasure is Diamond Mind.  No, not the PC-based simulated baseball game created, coincidentally, by a Canadian, nor the book on Buddhist meditation, nor a special herb to support mental clarity and concentration.  No, this Diamond Mind is a self-described “pop & circumstance” band that experiments with the pop format and expands on it to encompass rock,…   


TUNS – Tuns

Since you are reading this, there is a very good chance you already know that Label Obscura has just reissued three of the classic Inbreds albums from the 90s as LP records. I am also going to assume that you already know that both members of the Inbreds have continued on with their musical careers in the years since the…   


Kestrels – Kestrels

Halifax, Nova Scotia-located, noise-rock/pop trio Kestrels has released a string of singles, EPs, and albums since its inception in 2009, landing on the Hamilton, Ontario-based Sonic Unyon record label for its 2nd LP, A Ghost History, in 2012 and The Moon Is Shining Our Way EP in 2014.  Kestrels is readying to take flight on September 30th with its 3rd…   


Radio Birdman – Buried and Dead b/w Ballad of Dwight Fry

One of the coolest things to be release on Record Store Day 2016 is this two song covers 7″ single by original Australian punks Radio Birdman. Released on Australia’s Citadel Records for RSD2016, this isn’t an easy single to track down, but if you are fan of the Birdman it is an absolute must have. These two songs were recorded…   

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