controller.controller – she’s lost control

October 30, 2017 in releases

Label Obscura and controller.controller is thrilled to release a very limited edition 7” vinyl of a new recording of She’s Lost Control, including a B-side with a remix of History by Sebastien Grainger (Death From Above). All profits from the sale of this 7″ will be donated to raise funds for their bass player, Ronnie Morris, who suffered a series of strokes at 37-years old in 2015 not long after controller.controller’s 2nd reunion show. As a result of the strokes, Morris has had to work hard at mastering the use of the right side of his body and is still working on speech rehabilitation. She’s Lost Control was recorded around one of Morris’ existing bass lines and its creation has been made possible through generously donated time of many people.

A limited run of 500 copies of the vinyl with hand-stamped artwork will be available, with 130 of these copies signed by the band and presented with special perks. Perks include additional remixes by Jesse Zubot (Tanya Tagaq, Fond of Tigers), Peter Chapman (Coins), Mike Gonek (Torro Torro) and A. Frech. These remixes will be available digitally with purchase. The first 30 copies will be bundled with mystery controller.controller merch such as buttons, shirts, posters, etc.

Label Obscura and controller.controller release new 7" for bassist's stroke rehabilitation
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