Digger’s Delight: Forch’s Record Store, Cambridge, ON

April 30, 2017 in features

Located in the beautiful downtown Galt section of Cambridge, Forch’s Record Store is the kind of old school feeling record shop that is a pleasure to visit. It is spacious and its contents are not crowded whatsoever. It is clean, the people working there are courteous and helpful, willing to answer any questions you may have. Inside the front door, the checkout is on the left, followed by the store’s stereo and, along the left wall, a rack of local releases, followed by new vinyl release bins that stretch down nearly the entire length of the building.


An island of record bins spans more than half the store, containing all of their used vinyl. Rock starts on the left, going the entire span and curving around to the right side. Punk and metal have their own sections, as do audiophile pressings, 12” singles, soundtracks, folk and more. Unlike any other stores, everything is in perfect alphabetical order, which is something I totally appreciate. As cool as at can be to get down and dig in some places, it also can be very convenient to just go to J and find out almost instantly how many Jesus and Mary Chain and Joy Division records they either do or don’t have.

The right hand side of the store starts with new music magazines, the featured record sales of the week, some quality used stereo equipment, followed by CDs, cassettes, DVDs, books and a listening section with chairs, stereos with headphones and some more collectibles. The store narrows at this point, where the listening section is, and on the left hand side of the room is where their 45s are located, along with some plaqued handdrawn poster art of musicians, including Bowie, Geddy Lee, Peter Gabriel and more. I had to grab the Peter Gabriel one for my own collection – featuring all his different Genesis costumes. It’s pretty ace, if I do say so myself.

As for the selection itself, Forch’s is a great store for picking up classic rock titles, as well as having a very generous soundtrack selection, all at a decent price. It could be due to having a high demand, but there was very little in the way of punk or metal records in their used sections the day I visited. However, having said that, I was very happy to have found an original Canadian pressing of the first Masters of Reality album on Def American Records at a reasonable price.

If you are passing through the area, whizzing your way between Toronto and Kitchener or London, it’s an easy trip down to Forch’s off the 401. Getting off on the highway 24 exit heading south, it should only take about ten minutes to make your way down to the shop and, I think you will find, it’s a quick detour worth making. Check out their website and their facebook page for more information on the store

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By Sean Palmerston

Sean Palmerston is a vinyl loving music nerd who also loves NHL hockey, Godzilla movies and hanging out with his kids. A former contributing writer to a number of publications, including Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs and VICE, Sean also runs the all metal webzine Hellbound.ca

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