Glory Be To Bob: Robert Pollard Reaches 100 LPs!

January 29, 2017 in news

On April 7th, Ohio singer/songwriter/bandleader extraordinaire Robert Pollard is going to hit a landmark in his recording career when his long-running Guided By Voices release their upcoming August By Cake album. Said record, currently scheduled to be a thirty-two song double album, will be Pollard’s 100th album. One hundred albums – not a feat to be taken lightly by any musician and definitely a number unsurpassed by most rock musicians active over the past thirty years. In fact, I can’t think of one other rocker that’s had as many records released since 1986. Even the mysteriously prolific Jandek is only at about 85 albums, and that includes all of his live performance releases too.

25 solo albums. 26 Guided By Voices studio albums. Numerous one offs and collaborations under names like Airport 5, Nightwalker, Lexo and the Leapers, and ESP:Ohio, to name but a few. A whole gaggle of Circus Devils full lengths. Uncle Bob has been a busy boy since self-releasing the first GBV 12” Forever Since Breakfast some thirty-one years ago, and if you look at all the live records that have come out, both officially and as band-released bootlegs, there has to be another forty of those too. And, of course, as someone once said, Pollard will write five songs while sitting on the can and three of them will be masterpieces. You could say that Prolific is Pollard’s middle name.

I stopped trying to collect all the albums that Pollard has released years ago. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all of his releases, but there are certainly those Pollard fanatics that own each and every one of these one hundred albums – or will own all of them when August By Cake comes out a few months from now. This will be the first GBV album to feature the band’s newest line up. It includes returning members Kevin March on drums and Doug Gillard on guitar, along with new members Bobby Bare Jr and Mark Shue on guitar and bass, and has been hailed by many as one of the best GBV line-ups of all time.

Pollard just released the first song off the upcoming August By Cake, a new two-minute ditty called “Hiking Skin”. It’s a great song, another classic, memorable rocker in the long-running GBV canon, but I bet that there are five or six songs on the upcoming August By Cake that are even better than this one, ’cause you know, that Robert Pollard writes good songs!

August By Cake will be released by GBV Inc Records on April 7th. Look for a review of it on Label Obscura around that time.

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By Sean Palmerston

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