New album from Canadian hardcore/metal hybrid band The Long Dark Road

March 20, 2017 in news

Toronto, Ontario-based hardcore/metal hybrid band The Long Dark Road is creating a new musical path with its unique and epic sound that combines the frustrated rage and quicksilver tempo changes of hardcore with punk attitude and vocals, the guitar heaviness of black metal, the expansive atmospherics of post-rock, and progressive rock flourishes.

Currently, the core members of The Long Dark Road are Jeremy Cavan (guitars, vocals) and Rufus Cavan (bass), with the new additions of Liam Frith and Quin Henderson rounding out the band for touring purposes.

The band will unleash its self-titled debut album on April 8th.  It was a 100% DIY process from start to end due to personal setbacks that saw the money earmarked for recording with Steve Albini put towards financial survival.

Job loss, injury, and other personal travails plagued Jeremy as he sought to have The Long Dark Road hit the ground running.  He had written and performed with the bands Jerrycan, Sinister Trailerpark Magic and (u) The Band (with his brothers Rufus and Toby), but he wanted to create something different.

When faced with life’s struggles and obstacles, Jeremy didn’t quit and instead pushed forward, with the result being The Long Dark Road, which was recorded with long-time collaborator Tavis Baird at Jerrycan Studios.  As Jeremy states, This album saved me from the bottom… I’m glad to get it out and hopefully share some of my love and frustration with those who can relate.”

Pre-order via Bandcamp:


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