Plumtree- Mass Teen Fainting

January 29, 2017 in releases

Mass Teen Fainting, Plumtree’s endearing, youthful debut was recorded  in Ottawa with Paul Hogan (a.k.a. Rod Glue) in 1995 with no budget, in between tour dates that summer. It was a hot one and the band and their road manager, Dusty Sorbet, stayed in Hogan’s unventilated attic, barely able to sleep, and almost entirely subsisting on a diet of $2 bagels with cream cheese.

Featuring the singles “Tropical,” “In The Sink” and “Sodium Chloride”,  the band’s varied influences (Elvis Costello and the Attractions, early Metallica, 50’s-60s girl groups like the Shirelles) are all evident throughout a record that’s ultimately a cleverly arranged collection of pop songs.

We are very pleased to be reissuing this album on vinyl for the first time ever! Remastered at Lacquer Channel Studio with new artwork from Yorodeo and liner notes by Vish Knanna. The albums are being released in limited editions of 300 copies, on 180 gram vinyl with gatefold jackets. If you buy all three records at once, they will be shipped in special Plumtree tote-bag!



Plumtree vinyl reissues available for presale!
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