Plumtree – This Day Won’t Last At All

January 29, 2017 in releases

It’s always bittersweet when a band goes out on top.

It means that a group of people got to some rare, magical place, connecting together like they never had before, but that even that wasn’t enough to sustain them to continue to make music the world could really use right now.

Such was the case for Plumtree. In 2000, the Halifax band consisting of Amanda Braden (now Bidnall), sisters Carla and Lynette Gillis, and Catriona Sturton, released their third album via Endearing Records and by July 31, had played their final show together, in their hometown, at the Marquee Club.

They were always something of a cult band with a loyal audience but they seemed to invigorate and excite each other no matter how many people came to their shows or bought their records. By This Day Won’t Last at All, they’d made their most accomplished record even after reading the writing on the wall.

Both Gillis sisters declare that This Day Won’t Last at All is their favourite Plumtree album, for its content and also the actual experience of making a record together. Lynette believes the band’s songwriting is at its best here. The record possesses a cohesive, distinctive sound and an exhibition of clever lyricists really coming into their own. Plumtree was more confident here, even as they studied at universities and colleges, headed towards uncertain futures.

We are very pleased to be reissuing this album on vinyl for the first time ever!  Remastered at Lacquer Channel Studio with new artwork from Yorodeo and liner notes by Vish Knanna.  The albums are being released in limited editions of 300 copies, on 180 gram vinyl with gatefold jackets.  If you buy all three records at once, they will be shipped in special Plumtree tote-bag!



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