The Inbreds – It’s Sydney Or The Bush

September 6, 2016 in releases

After the exuberant reception to Kombinator, Mike O’Neill and Dave Ullrich left Ontario to move to Halifax, signed a major label deal with TAG/Atlantic and set out to make a pop record that would take them out of the indie confines of Canada and into the world. Unfortunately, their label fold shortly afterward and things wouldn’t turn out that way, but the album that emerged ‘It’s Sydney Or The Bush’ was a pop gem in which the band flushed out their bass and drum sound and contains the classic songs ‘North Window’, ‘Drag Us Down’, and ‘Reason Why I’m Shy’.  This was their second album in a row to be nominated for a Juno award for ‘Beast Alternative Album’ as well as a ‘Best Alternative Band’ nomination at the East Coast Music Awards in 1997.

We’re very pleased to be releasing this album for the first time ever on vinyl- this album has been mastered for vinyl release at Toronto’s Lacquer Channel, pressed on heavyweight vinyl over at Canada Boy Vinyl with deluxe packaging and new liner notes courtesy of music journalist and radio personality Vish Khanna.  This is a limited edition of 300 copies, so grab yours soon!

Check out this great review from Tiny Mix Tapes : A long time ago (1992), in a country far, far away (Canada), there lived a cute little indie pop duo called The Inbreds. Consisting of bassist Mike O’Neill and drummer Dave Ullrich, the band was often associated with the Halifax pop scene of the day, even though they lived closer to Toronto. After two modestly successful indie albums, the group signed onto a subsidiary of Atlantic Records to release their third LP, the beefed-up It’s Sydney or The Bush in 1997.

Produced by Lincoln Fong, who had worked as an engineer for Harold Budd, Cocteau Twins and M/A/R/R/S, the disc demonstrated that lead vocalist O’Neill’s knack for a pop melody was easily transferable to a larger band setting. Instead of The Inbreds’ usual bass, drums and vocals, new elements were added to the mix, such as acoustic guitars and horns, creating a more traditional ‘band’ style album.

In the mid-nineties, Canada was experiencing a tremendous wave of modestly successful bands, such as Sloan, Rusty, Eric’s Trip, and Thrush Hermit; but it was the purring kitten-esque pop hooks O’Neill and Ullrich played that stuck with me the most. It’s Sydney or The Bush was light and fluffy, but never went too far over the line as to make one ill — tracks such as the first single, “North Window” or album standout, “Reason Why I’m Shy.”



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