The Inbreds- Winning Hearts

September 6, 2016 in releases

The fourth and final album from this Kingston, Ontario band, it contains the classic songs “Attitude”, and “Never Be”. Winning Hearts topped the national Canadian college charts for two months straight..and Dave Grohl said this was his favourite Inbreds release!

This release was mastered specifically for vinyl release at Toronto’s Lacquer Channel and pressed on heavyweight vinyl with deluxe packaging and new liner notes courtesy of music journalist and radio personality Vish Khanna.  Limited to 300 copies each.

Check out this review from All Music :

‘This is the album when everything finally came together for the Inbreds, but it was unfortunately also their last release as a band. True, there’s not much you can do with a bass and drum combo before the idea starts to run a little stale, and it’s commendable that O’Neill and Ullrich decided to stop the machine before it ended up going that far, but it still leaves the listener wanting more — especially after hearing this little masterpiece. The songwriting has really reached its pinnacle, in that Halifaxian artist kind of way, and the polished mid-tempo numbers really speak to the listener. Granted, some songs are forgettable, but the ones that hit the mark do so with a bull’s-eye. The Inbreds’ best material is here, including the stripped-down “Is It the Right Time,” the album’s single, “Attitude,” and the drop-everything rocker “Yelverton Hill.” Sure, it’s sad that Winning Hearts marks the end of the Inbreds’ saga, but it was good while it lasted.’



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