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April 17, 2017 in features

Toronto-based alternative pop artist Joseph of Mercury is making a big-time impact with his first two magnificent singles.  Add his name to the elite list of golden-tone vocalists who are of the swooningly romantic crooner/balladeer mold.  Joseph of Mercury’s first two singles radiate an intensely vintage, yet classic vibe that evokes the musical glory of the UK in the 1980s when singers like Morrissey, Bryan Ferry, and Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet were in their prime.

Vocals-focused debut ballad “Without Words” and second dance-pop single “Find You Inside” (with their prominent premieres at Paste and Popdust, respectively) are draped with an arresting, yet languid elegance that David Bowie and Bryan Ferry wore so well.  Both tunes have accumulated accolades from esteemed sites like Noisey, The Line of Best Fit, and Earmilk.

On these two tracks, Joseph of Mercury touches down on earth with a rich baritone and then, at times, rises to the skies with an airy falsetto, showcasing his out-of-this-world vocal range.  Celestial harp runs, poignant synth strings, gently warped guitar lines, and a soft beat pulse through the angelic and swaying “Without Words” as the singer segues from deep reflection to heavenly cries.

The sultry retro ride “Find You Inside” reveals the seductive side of Joseph of Mercury as he unveils his velvety vocals throughout the song’s simmering rhythmic groove.  Lightly percolating percussion and a lively tropical beat back the crooner as he swoops from a low, alluring register to keening, bittersweet pleas on the chorus sections.  It’s with bated breath that we await for the unearthing of the next treasure from Joseph of Mercury.






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By Jen Dan

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