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March 20, 2017 in features

Post Death Soundtrack – Let Your Colors Run – The Remixes

Canadian experimental industrial/metal/electronic trio Post Death Soundtrack has carved out a niche for itself by creating a hybrid sound that’s heavy and exploratory and also engages the brain as well as the ears.

Steve Moore, Kenneth Buck, and Jon Ireson combine their minds, talents, and veteran musical status as Post Death Soundtrack.  Founded by Moore and Buck in 2007, Post Death Soundtrack released its acclaimed debut album, Music as Weaponry in 2008.  Music producer Ireson then joined the band and in 2010 the single “Ultraviolence” was unleashed.

In 2016, Post Death Soundtrack’s second album, The Unlearning Curve, made a massive impact with music critics and listeners alike, racking up numerous reviews and accolades for its uncompromising, amalgamated sound and lyrical vision.

Now the band has just dropped a surprising and mesmerizing remix album, titled Let Your Colors Run – The Remixes, which picks specific tracks from The Unlearning Curve and re-works them into unusual and interesting, usually electronica-based shapes.

Post Death Soundtrack has enlisted the aid of several other artists to remix the compositions, but the trio also tackles some of the numbers as well.  The captivating original “Beauty Eyes I Adore” gets the total remix treatment, from the two strung-out takes, “B3UTY_3Y35_1_4D0R3” and the Brian Nance Feltsonix Mix, to a peppy club shaker by Strauss & DeMarco Cruz, and the ambient drift version by Ireson himself.

The Terra Remix of “Transform in White Light” changes its pace to an upbeat electronic number, while Oomack’s Remix brings in a smoother dance-pop flow.  “Our Time Is Now” is run through the industrial grinder by XSRY and gets vocally twisted, stripped down, and dissipated by Ireson.  His version brings out potent lyrics like, “I feel engaged and disengaged at the same time.” and “You have the power.  They don’t have the power.” in full force.

A remix album of The Unlearning Curve was definitely unexpected, but it makes for a thoroughly absorbing and sonically transforming experience.

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