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April 13, 2017 in features

The argument that the day itself is just a ploy to unload unasked for slop on the masses all the while log-jamming every pressing plant, is not without its merit. On the other hand, it’s never a bad idea to celebrate the cultural importance of the mom and pop record shop, buy records in a show of support, and maybe score an exclusive release (as long as you don’t sell it on discogs at an inflated price seconds later).

Here I present a short list of a few R.S.D exclusive titles that caught my eye while scrolling through the list :


Big Star – Complete Third: Volume 3: Final Masters

This 2xLP set is delivered via Omnivore Recordings and is limited to 2500 copies. Big Star’s weirdest outing, you can really hear the gears in Alex Chilton’s head turning on these tunes. The set looks to include every released master recording from every issued version of this record. Get deep into this lost gem with its LP sized booklet for some visual insight.


The Count Five – Psychotic Reaction

Mono Repressing of this garage rock classic is a great grip for any freak beat collector. After releasing the Psychotic Reaction single, the band was pressured to pump out a full length, yielding this. The title track is worth the price of admission alone.


The Germs – Lexicon Devil

By the time The Germs moved to Slash Records and released their second 7” their time had almost expired. Their importance to punk can’t be understated even though their run was short. This replicated version of the original single with matched colours (red, pink, yellow and orange) just like the original, will make you feel like a punk on the sunset strip in 78’.


Superchunk – Cup of Sand

First time available on vinyl, a 2003 collection of singles and rarities from these Chapel Hill trailblazers. 3 LPs full of their patented indie rock with expanded artwork, showcasing bassist Laura Ballance’s paintings. Also included are in depth conversations with each and every band member.


Cleaners From Venus – Best Of

Captured Tracks delivers the goods here with a compilation of Martin Newell and co.’s snappiest numbers. Nothing overtly fancy included with this one, just a great introduction to the psychedelic pop genius of the Cleaners.


Television Personalities – First 4 LPs

And my most anticipated releases, Fire Records in the U.K is re-issuing the first 4 full length LPs by legendary lo-fi punk Television Personalities. Their seminal debut “And Don’t The Kids Just Love It” would be enough for me, but also along for the special treatment ride are their “Mummy Your Not Watching Me”, “We Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles” and the haunting dark masterpiece “The Painted Word”.


Check out the full list, as well as find a directory of all stores participating in the festivities here:

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By Kevin Bell

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