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March 6, 2017 in features

fallhexaThe Fall – Hex Enduction Hour

Superior Viaduct continues to roll on through their re-issue campaign of everyone’s favorite pissed-up, post-punk, poster-children… The Fall. The latest full length to once again be available is 1982’s Hex Enduction Hour. Mark E. Smith and company’s fourth studio effort, was although sonically prettier than previous efforts, still retained the groups trademark snarl. Never one to mince words, Smith has said the album was a pot-shot at the contemporary music scene at the time, “bland bastards” in his words.


Growing detached from their home at Rough Trade Records, Smith took it upon himself to find a new home in Kamera Records, and with the new label footing the bill for recording the band took off to Iceland for three shows and some studio sessions. Upon their return to the UK, the remaining songs were cut in an abandoned movie theatre to capture the band’s live grit.

Hex Enduction Hour is also the first Fall LP to include their two drummer line-up, giving the pounding nature of their sound extra layers and overtones underneath Smith’s maniac poetry. The album also features art so far outside of the normal style lay-out that HMV would stock the record back to front. Praise came from all angles as per-usual but also managed to land the band on the UK album charts for the first time.

A definite touch-stone of the post-punk movement with liner notes by WFMU’s Brian Taylor, it can be nabbed here via Superior Viaduct:


MI0000376026Throbbing Gristle – 24 Hours

Now I know this is a little out-side of the norm for this feature, but I think this outlandish release by the legendary proto-industrial collective is way too cool not to feature. 24 Hours is a 32 cassette box-set compiling over 24 hours of live Gristle performances from their peak period.  Self-released through the band’s own Industrial Records in 1980 and for the price of 88£, one could obtain this stark black briefcase adorned with the classic lightning bolt logo, opening up to reveal the cassettes along with personalized photos of the band in full colour. Limited to only 50 copies worldwide this is the holy grail of some non-music collectors.


Most people would consider 24 hours of Throbbing Gristle hazardous to their health, but for those interested it can be tracked down as a download. If you are after an actual copy of the box-set however, be prepared to shell out close to $3000 on discogs.



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